1. By virtue of their participation in the race, participants agree to hold anyone associated with the race harmless from any liability, and admit in advance of the race that it is a totally juvenile endeavour — akin to what one might have done in their high school or college/university years. The participant may be asked to sign a waiver.

2. All participants must either have a designated driver, or bring a tent and a device to ward off coyotes. My calcs are that a 175 lb runner would be at 0.10 blood alcohol level after having 5 “light” beers and would be down to 0.08 after 1 hour 20 minutes, and down to 0.05 after 3 hours 20 minutes, assuming they don’t have any more (which is unlikely). So stay over or have a driver.

3. Participants bring their own beverages.

4. Drinks should be in a can or bottle with a minimum size of 341 ml (i.e. a standard Coors bottle). Corona bottles are 300 ml and do not qualify. Fizzy coolers (Palm Bay, Vex) of appropriate size are fine. 

5. Drinks must be at least 4% alcohol and carbonated. Non-carbonated ciders, therefore, do not qualify.

6. You must open each beverage immediately before consuming it — no pre-opening the bottles or cans.  Cans may only be opened as they were designed — no additional puncturing of the can for “shotgunning” unless the can was specifically designed that way.

7. After consuming the beverage, you must hold the empty container upside down over your head to prove it is empty before starting your run.

8. If you puke before crossing the finish, you’re disqualified — or you can do a penalty 1K. Puking multiple times doesn’t mean you have to do multiple 1K penalty laps, though. Puke must hit the ground or the runners body to be considered for disqualification. If the runner has a “heavy” burp and re-swallows whatever came up, they are not disqualified. I know — this is gross. But, I’ve seen the issue come up (pardon the pun) so it had to be clarified.

9. If you stretch before the race, you’re disqualified for clearly taking the race too seriously.

10.  “Murphy’s Law”:  You must keep clothes covering your private parts/naughty bits/genital areas before, during and after the race.  (Yes, there is a reason we had to add this rule.)

TIP: Don’t have the beer too cold or you’ll get an “ice cream headache”. Room temp is fine. If you like your beer cold, avoid the headache by wearing a touque.

TIP: Beer bottles have slightly less beer than cans and may pour faster — although Brian Murphy had a definite edge with his beer chugging prowess with cans despite the higher volume.

TIP: There is a bit of a trick to preventing puking — primarily related to slowing down a bit during that last k.

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